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Crystal Clear Studio has assembled a collection of high end audio equipment allowing the

recording process to flow with ease. Our digital audio network allows unlimited creativity and

fast turnaround times all with unparalleled sound and video quality.


Console: Midas M-32


Video Recording: Black Magic Design, Canon and Panasonic cameras


Audio Recording: an amazing digital audio consisting of Pro Tools 12.5, Reason 9.1, all

locked to the Midas M-32


Computer/Sequencing: Macintosh


Analog tape recorder/ 1955 Scully 1/2 inch 4 track


Monitors/ Mackie 824, JBL, QSC K10


Avalon 737SP tube mic preamp.


Microphones: Neuma U87, TLM 49,AKG C414,D112,Solid Tube, Blue, Audio Technica 4033,2020, 25, Audix, EV 408b, Sontronics Sigma Active Ribbon

Shure 57,58 Equitech and Cascade Ribbons w Blumlein stereo bar.